Dear Guests,

We want to thank you for choosing  the River Park Resort and we wish you a pleasant and peaceful vacation.

We would like to kindly inform you that the following Regulations apply on the premises of the Center, which were developed with a view to safety and ensuring a pleasant stay for all visitors at our Center. Staying at the Center is tantamount to knowledge and acceptance of the rules applicable in it.

  1. General Provisions
  2. The resort is an object available to those using the accommodation in summer houses.
  3. RIVER PARK Marta Basta – Łysoń, Leszek Łysoń Sp. j. operates in the field of accommodation and catering services with headquarters in Zator, 32-640 Zator, Parkowa 8 St, NIP: 549-234-54-85, KRS (National Court Register No.): 0000502600,
  4. 3. The reception is open from 09:00 to 21:00. Contact with the Reception is also possible by phone: +48 33 841 22 61.
  5. The number of people accommodated in summer houses should be consistent with the number of people registered.
  6. 5. On the premises of the Center there may be people registered in the facility and temporarily until 20:00 persons invited by the above. The fact of staying by guests invited by holiday makers must be mandatory reported at the reception of the Center.

For each additional and confirmed overnight stay of a Guest not checked in, the Center will charge a fee in accordance with the Center’s current price list.

  1. Residence rules


  1. Persons arriving to the Center are accepted on the basis of reservations and proof of advance payment, and are subject to a registration obligation in accordance with Journal of Laws 01.87.960 with amendments 2004.05.01 OJ 04.93.887.
  2. The total cost of stay (in cash or by card) should be settled on the day of check-in.
  3. The house is handed over and handed over in the presence of the Center’s staff.
  4. Each house has a separate key. In case of losing the key, the Guest is obliged to immediately report this fact at the reception. The Guest will be charged PLN 50.00 for loss of the key.
  5. Usable sleeping places are prepared for recreation of no more users than: summer house – up to 4 – 6 people, teepee, yurt – 4 people. Both adults and children over 3 years of age are considered as users.

Accommodation of a larger number of people in individual houses requires a separate permit of the center for an additional charge according to the current price list.

  1. The summer house has a list of equipment that includes the type of equipment and its quantity. Persons accommodated should check the compliance of the equipment inventory with the actual and technical condition.
  2. Any discrepancies as to the quantity and technical condition of the equipment and the technical condition of the equipment or objects located in the house, and not included in the above-mentioned list – should be reported to the reception of the center on the day of accommodation. Otherwise, the identified deficiencies or revealed damages will be treated as caused by the fault of the resident.
  3. For any damage and deficiencies in the equipment of the house or other equipment located in the Center, and caused by the fault of the resident, the equivalent of the cost of repair or purchase is charged according to the currently applicable prices on the basis of the “Damage Report”. The payment should be made at the reception of the Center until the day of departure.
  4. The quiet hours throughout the resort are valid from 22:00 to 6:00.
  5. People staying in the area of the center should comply with health and safety and fire protection regulations and follow the instructions of the Center’s employees.

In particular, it is prohibited to:

– lighting a bonfire at the Center outside a designated place for it,

– lighting the barbecue inside the cottage or at a distance of less than 2 m from the cottage. The person lighting the grill is obliged to constantly supervise the grill and put it out.

– use and use of sports and pneumatic weapons – windbreakers,

– leaving electrical and gas appliances switched on while you are away from home,

– smoking in houses or outside designated areas on the premises.

  • Time of visit


  1. Checkout time: starts at 4 PM on the day of arrival and ends at 10 AM on the day of departure.
  2. To change the date of departure, please contact the reception of the Center.
  3. Readiness to return the house should be reported to the reception.
  4. Not leaving the house by 10:00 will automatically charge a fee of 50% of the basic rate, and by 14:00 a surcharge of 100% of the basic rate according to the current price list.
  5. Everyone staying at the Center and within the rented house should take care of order and order around their place of rest, and in particular store waste in a designated place.
  6. We respect the nature around us, we do not destroy or pick flowers and shrubs.
  7. It is forbidden to arbitrarily move and take out the furniture supplied – outside the houses, change their location within the interior rooms and move furniture from the house to another summer house.
  8. It is forbidden to use electric stoves, etc., not intended for heating summer houses.
  9. It is forbidden to put on the refrigerator objects that emit heat, such as an electric cooker, kettle, heated pots, etc.
  10. In the area of the Center is prohibited:
  11. a) disturbing peace and rest, including playing loud music,
  12. b) indecent, vulgar behaviour,
  13. c) littering and soiling the Center.
  14. Children staying in the Center must be under the care and supervision of parents or other adults.
  15. Team games and in particular playing football, volleyball, basketball, badminton and ping pong may take place only in places designated for this purpose. Within the Center there are pitches for the above mentioned games.


  1. Parking rules


  1. Parking vehicles may take place only in places designated for this purpose.
  2. Parking in the Center is an unguarded car park.
  3. The resort is not financially responsible for damage or theft of vehicles.
  4. It is forbidden to wash motor vehicles in the Center.


  1. Rules for the stay of animals
  2. We allow pets to stay at the center (dogs, cats, rabbits and other fur animals, with the exception of dog breeds considered aggressive in the light of the Act of Laws of 2003 No. 77, item 687). A pet can be stay after having been notified to the reception staff and a fee of PLN 20.00 / day. Animals should have valid vaccination certificates, while the owner is responsible for the animal and any damage caused by them, and cleaning up the waste. At the Center, dogs are walked only on a leash and / or muzzle.
  3. Owners of dogs, cats and other animals should provide the animal with necessary materials for the bed, which should be on the floor of the house or room.
  4. It is forbidden to use blankets, quilts, pillows, bed linen and bedding on a couch, sofa or armchair. The resort will charge an additional fee for washing and disinfecting the above items.


  1. While using the holiday center, it is recommended that guests leave valuables for safekeeping,
  2. Valuable items are primarily items of considerable value, items that give access to valuable items, and documents.
  3. Valuable items include in particular:
  4. a) domestic money,
  5. b) foreign money and gold coins,
  6. c) precious ores and products from these ores and precious stones,
  7. d) foreign securities,
  8. e) domestic securities,
  9. f) cameras, cell phones and other items whose value exceeds: PLN 200,
  10. g) items of scientific and artistic value, souvenirs
  11. h) jewellery,
  12. i) items giving the possibility of using valuable items (e.g. keys to premises, car keys and other vehicles).
  13. Valuable items after being deposited are stored in a secure envelope in a lockable cabinet protected against damage, destruction and theft.
  14. The holiday center shall not be liable for valuables listed in items 2 and 3 of this chapter that are not deposited.
  15. The proof of accepting valuable items for deposit is the deposit protocol (attachment to the regulations).
  16. The deposit protocol shall contain the following information:
  17. a) the serial number of the protocol,
  18. b) personal data necessary to identify the Guest: based on the photo ID,
  19. c) name and surname,
  20. d) date and place of birth,
  21. e) home address or correspondence address,
  22. f) personal identity number number, if any,
  23. g) list of items placed in the deposit, including their description and number,
  24. h) date of completing the report,
  25. i) legible signatures of the person submitting the deposit and the employee receiving the deposit.
  26. Reception staff are the persons authorized to accept valuables for deposit.
  27. In the case of failure to collect the deposited items, without valid reasons, by 10:00 on the day of departure and leaving the center by the Guest, for their further storage may be charged in the amount specified in the price list for each subsequent day started.


Acceptance of deposit


  1. A guest submitting items for deposit in the presence of a receptionist employee shall complete a deposit protocol (a template of which is attached to these Regulations) and place valuable items to be deposited in a secure envelope.
  2. On the secure envelope, enter:
  3. a) in place of the sender: details of the person leaving the deposit (name and surname, personal identity number) and date as per the deposit protocol and legible signature of the client,
  4. b) in place of the recipient: cash register seal, date and legible signature of the deposit taker.
  5. 3. The reception employee is obliged to check the compliance of the deposited items with the list of these items in the deposit protocol.
  6. The original deposit protocol shall be issued to the customer, a copy of the protocol shall be inserted into the sealed deposit (envelope).
  7. Then the envelope is closed by sealing it. The reception employee fills out the upper left section with a series and number of a secure envelope – entering the date of the deposit and signing it legibly and handing it to the client.
  8. Return of deposit
  9. Items stored in the deposit may only be handed over to the person depositing the deposit on the basis of the deposit protocol presented with a secure envelope and a photo ID.
  10. The recipient of the deposit confirms its receipt by placing a legible signature on the deposit report and on the episode with the number and series of the secure envelope located in the upper right corner of the envelope.
  11. The issuer of the deposit returns the recipient with the deposited items and pinses both episodes with the number and series of a secure envelope to the deposit protocol.
  12. When making a deposit, make sure that the secure envelope is intact. In the event of a deficiency or inconsistency between the content of the deposit and the list of items, a protocol should be prepared by the commission, determining the type of deficiencies, the amount of damage and the condition of the packaging. An inventory of items and packaging should accompany this report. A report with attachments should be sent to the authority appointed to detect crimes and offenses and prosecute their perpetrators.


  1. Final provisions


  1. In the event of shortening the stay, the Center will not refund the fee for unused leisure days.
  2. Please report any defects and failures to the reception of the Center. Defects will be removed as soon as possible.
  3. Complaints, applications and wishes can be reported at the reception of the center.

4. In the event of frequent violation of the provisions of these Regulations by the Guest, he will be expelled from the Center, without the right to return the equivalent for the nights spent.