Offer for Children & Youth

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That is why we have prepared a unique offer for them. Safe and attractive accommodation and meals specially prepared for the youngest are our advantage!

The proximity of Zatorland Amusement Parks and numerous play opportunities in our Center will make children spend their free time on fun and remember their stay in Zator for a long time.

As an alternative to accommodation in houses, we offer accommodation in the Native American’s village in Tepee tents.

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We cordially invite you to the River Park Recreation Center in Zator, which is an ideal place for the integration of school groups. The resort is located on the Skawa River.

In the densely forested landscape park, we leave you with 134 beds in 4 and 6-person houses, with full sanitary facilities and an equipped kitchenette. We also have a separate driver’s house. In addition, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of accommodation in our Native American’s Village.

We offer stays with HB PACKAGE from PLN 100 per person for night and FB PACKAGE from PLN 115 per person for night

Caretakers (1 caretaker / 15 people) receive free accommodation and meals from us!


The River Park Recreation Centeris located in the centre of a landscape park. It is a conference and recreation complex that also specializes in the organization of football camps.

We realize how important a properly balanced diet is in building a sports form, which is why we try to meet current expectations. The type of meals and the time of their serving are set individually with each client.

All accommodation facilities form a coherent whole, which eliminates communication problems.

Groupings are not only physical training, but also lectures to discuss tactics and progress in training.

We offer 134 beds in 4, 6-person houses with full sanitary and kitchen facilities.

The resort has many paths that can be used for long and short distance running, access to the Skawa River and a natural beach.

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River Park like a good fairy will fulfil all your wishes!